Dandelion WASH

Keeping your laundry fresh & clean, always

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Our mission is unique; to be the most reliable partner that supports your business from dawn to dusk by providing seamless and unblemished linens.


01. Founded in 2017

Incorporated in 2017, Dandelion Wash Pte Ltd is a young and vibrant business that strives hard in building strong customer relationships with our proficient laundry services.

We assure our clients that there will always be a personal touch in the handling of all linens. Providing a top-notch service for our clients is our utmost priority.

02. Vision

To be the most sincere, respected, professional laundry company in Singapore – no matter what it takes.

03. Customer Commitment

We always deliver on our promises in providing seamless delivery and always exceeding expectations. We take pride in delivering our very best in all we do and holding ourselves accountable for results. No matter rain or shine, you can count on us to deliver.

04. Integrity, respect AND passion

We will always be honest with our clients and remain dedicated even when challenged. We believe that customers are placed first and aim to foster a harmonious working environment. We are committed in heart and mind, and constantly learn from our outcomes. 

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